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sandblasting protection clothes

Price:US $150.00/set
Group:Sand Blasting Accessories
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This sandblasting suit is the canvas material of the anti-sand clothing at work can play a role in the protection of the body for all types of spray industry: This product is suitable for spraying industry operations, can effectively prevent the sand into the sand, causing damage to the human body. Comfortable, comfortable, soundproof, light weight, large field of view; to ensure the best work of the workers comfort.

1 This helmet is made of PC+ABS,with good compression resistance and reat appearance,and canprovide a secure environment for operators

2 The protective lens adopt double layer of protection.Inner layer is PVC lens, the outer layer is toughened glass,can effectively improve the helmet abrasion resistance and to provide more broad vision for operators.

3 The helmet have air flow guide groove, fully adjust air inlet strength.And equipped with anti fog spray, effectively help workers improve clarity and adjust the temperature inside the helmet.

4 This helmet is export foundry products, meet the national safety technical standards,have a long service life and good protective effect.

More Features:

1, the glass lens is transparent, can be replaced, the design more humane, more convenient!

2, the clothes to open the way design, to prevent sandblasting can enter, anti-dense better! More scientific design!

3, sandblastered clothing behind the head of the oxygen pipe interface, external breathing device can be connected to protect the staff from pneumoconiosis. There is a tube behind, can be used to connect the wind press, play to the fog, to prevent the mirror blur and other effects, front and ordinary uniforms is different, plus lined front lining to ensure the complete closure of sandblasting to prevent Material into the body.