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  • Customized multi-station blasting machine
  • Customized multi-station blasting machine
  • Customized multi-station blasting machine
  • Customized multi-station blasting machine

Customized multi-station blasting machine

Price:US $6000.00/piece
Group:Dry SandBlasting Machine
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Three-station manual sandblasting machine

good for sandblasting long part.

1, the chassis is 2.0MM steel welded together, inside and outside the surface spray treatment.

Main  cabin size: 2950 (L) * 1100 (W) * 800 (H) (MM)

Main dimensions: 3000 (length) * 1200 (width) * 1680 (high) (MM)

2, the machine is equipped with a dedicated dust box, sandblasting hand hole: 6pcs, perspective window 3pcs, 

3 sandblasting operations can working at the same time

3, the lower part of the cabinets are set to prevent the workpiece or large debris falling into the cargo compartment blocked the gun and affect the normal processing.

4, both sides of the host and the direction of the length of the hands are equipped with hand to facilitate the different length of the workpiece blasting

.5, the host set on both sides of the side door, easy loading and unloading of the workpiece and sandblasting operation. Strengthen the inside of the door with stiffened ribs. The door frame is sealed with an automobile sealing strip, and the sealing strip is double-sealed on the door.

6, the cabin roof installed on both sides of the three fluorescent lamps, sandblasting operation can ensure clear vision. Power switch, electric control box and pressure regulating valve. Intake pressure and sandblasting pressure gauges are located in the top position, easy to operate.

7, sandblasting gun:

The number of spray gun 3pcs, nozzle size ¢ 8 * 20 * 35MM, 

material: boron carbide.

Spray gun can be blasting according to the requirements of the workpiece, free to adjust the angle of sandblasting. distance.

8, Windows:The sandblasting working area of ​​the machine is equipped with a window for observing the processing situation directly, so as to observe its processing and artificial sand blasting.

9, the warehouse rackMachine work with a warehouse for: 45-degree oblique material rack, rack and channel steel welded together, with a pulley above. To facilitate the long plate-type workpiece to push the sandblasting processing.

10, the bottom sand bucket: 2pcs

11, dust removal system:(A) Dimensions: 900 * 900 * 1710mm, with 36 bags, dust evenly distributed within the dust can make the work of sandblasting effective removal

(B) the bag is equipped with a special vibration switch, (switch located in the top of the machine, easy to operate)

(C) Dust extraction (sub-sand) Fan: 1 set