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COLO High Speed Centrifugal Polishing Machine

Group:Vibratory Polishing Machine
Drum Speed:145-180r/min
Lining Thickness:8-15MM
Product Details
Item specifics
Drum Speed:145-180r/min
Lining Thickness:8-15MM
Product Description

Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machine

Centrifugal grinding process is rolling grinding process, grinding blocks and additives in a certain percentage into the sealed drum, under the action of the inertial force of the planet, the cylinder medium producing forced flow,to promote the module on the workpiece surface collision, rolling, micro grinding, in order to achieve the surface finishing of the workpiece.


1.Applicable for surface finishing of small batch and small parts.

2.Can be divided into synchronous belt drive, chain drive and gear transmission, coaxial and inclined two structures.

3. According to the change of revolution speed, it divided into constant speed and speed type (frequency, electromagnetic speed, etc.)

4.Rolling operation can be divided into drum-type removable and roller fixed (automatic installation of material feeding device)


1. Suitable for mass production of small and medium size metal and non-metallic parts of the finishing light finishing, surface treatment.

2.Effective removal of parts of the surface of the burr, flash, flash, Phi front, edges, rust, stains, traces of oil, oxide and grain marks, the parts surface to a certain degree of finish, lightness and brightness.

3. In the finishing process will not damage the parts of the original shape and size and accuracy, can significantly improve the surface roughness.

4. Can realize the automation work, may at any time spot checks the part surface the processing situation, the flat bottom straight mouth vibration polisher equipment has the feed mouth and the water outlet, the straight mouth brings out the material and the curved mouth has the abrasive material and the product automatic separation function.

5. Vibration container does not use the previous non-wear-resistant black rubber material, and the use of one-time casting molding of high wear PU glue (polyurethane) material to improve the life of the lining more than 5 times, while avoiding parts between each other Collision and reduce the generation of noise.

6. Built-in high-performance vibration source of three-phase motor, amplitude adjustable range of 0.3-10mm.


We have the following size available:

ModelCapacity(L)Dimension(MM)Drum Speed(R/MIN)Power(KW)Weight(KG)

Vibration grinding machine is mainly used in: bicycles, all kinds of die castings, all kinds of stamping parts, all kinds of sheet metal parts, furniture hardware, clothing hardware, luggage hardware, glasses accessories, medical equipment, bearings, music equipment, Instruments, handicrafts, daily necessities, watches and clocks, accessories. Hand tools (wrenches, sleeves, approved Tsui, etc.) all kinds of jewelry, jewelry and powder metallurgy, resin and other parts of the surface polishing, chamfering, to remove the edge, to the front, rust, speckle, fine grinding , Finishing, rough grinding, precision polishing, glossy lighting, excellent vibration before plating.

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