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COLO Boron Carbide Spray Nozzle for Sand Blasting

Price:US $60.00/piece
Group:Sand Blasting Nozzles
Material:Boron carbide/tungsten carbide
Product Details
Item specifics
Material:Boron carbide/tungsten carbide
Product Description

Boron carbide is one of the hardest man-made materials, with a light weight, semiconductor properties, absorption of neutron, grinding efficiency, and strong acid and alkali can not afford the reaction characteristics, Mohs hardness of 9.36, microhardness of 5400 ~ 6300 kg Density of 2.52 kilograms per square meter, the melting point of 2450 degrees Celsius.

With the above characteristics and properties make boron carbide widely used in machinery, metallurgy, chemical, aerospace and military fields, can be The production of abrasive for the processing of precious stones, ceramics, knives, bearings, used as refractory applications in various fields of metallurgy, dense boron carbide can be made of nozzles, mechanical seals, bulletproof materials, boron carbide has a large thermal neutron Capture cross-section, a large number of neutrons can be used for nuclear reactors and other high-tech fields. Engineering ceramic products as a new material, because of its high melting point, high hardness, high elastic modulus, wear resistance, good self-lubrication characteristics are widely used in chemical, mechanical, electronics, information, aerospace , Automotive and other industries.

Boron carbide Features: 

It has the same boron carbide performance, extremely hard and wearable, and acid-base can not afford, high and low temperature resistance, reactors, neutron absorption rods, bullet-proof tools. Boron carbide seal ring and nozzle can replace the known hard alloy and silicon carbide, silicon nitride, alumina, zirconia and other materials, sealing ring and nozzle.

High hardness and high strength

High chemical corrosion

Light weight




1.   Longer service life. In terms of service life, boron carbide nozzle has the longest one such as for sand 

      blasting and shot peening.

2.   Lower cost per use. Boron carbide costs more but will outlast tungsten carbide by 3 to 10times.

3.  To reduce down time.

4.  To maintain efficiency.

We have inside diameter 6mm,8mm,10mm for choice.

 Boron carbide nozzles for blasting