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COLO Boron Carbide Sand Blasting Nozzles for Sand Blasting

Price:US $19.00/piece
Group:Sand Blasting Gun
Material:Boron carbide/tungsten carbide
Product Details
Item specifics
Material:Boron carbide/tungsten carbide
Product Description

This kind of nozzle is made from boron carbide by hot pressing with straight bore and venturi bore type. Because of its hardness, low density, high temperature resistance, excellent wear and anti-corrosion, Boron Carbide Nozzle has been widely used in sandblasting and shot peening equipments, offering a longest life with optimum air and abrasive use.

Boron carbide nozzle features: the same with the performance of boron carbide, extremely hard and wear-resistant, and acid-base can not afford, high / low temperature, high pressure, density ≥ 2.46g / cm3; microhardness ≥ 3500kgf / mm2, Bending strength ≥ 400Mpa, the melting point of 2450 ℃. The boron carbide nozzle will gradually replace the known cemented carbide / tungsten steel and silicon carbide, silicon nitride, alumina, zirconia and other materials, the mouth of the mouth of the nozzle, because of the abrasion resistance and high hardness of the boron carbide nozzle. . Commonly used specifications: Φ 8 * 20 * 35 Φ 8 * 20 * 45 Φ 8 * 20 * 80


1.   Longer service life. In terms of service life, boron carbide nozzle has the longest one such as for sand 

      blasting and shot peening.

2.   Lower cost per use. Boron carbide costs more but will outlast tungsten carbide by 3 to 10times.

3.  To reduce down time.

4.  To maintain efficiency.