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Colo-1212P pressure box manual sandblasting machine

Price:US $2699.00/piece
Group:Pressure sandblasting equipment
Product Details
Product Description
Colo-1212P pressure box manual sandblasting machine parameters:
dimensions: 1010mm * 1600mm * 1980mm
Working cabinet size: 1200mm * 1000mm * 800mm
Dust box: 1 pcs
Stent: 1pcs
Pressure tank: 1pcs
Blasting gloves: 1 pair
Sandblasting gun: 1 set
Stencil: 1 piece
Foot pedal: 1pcs

Sandblasting machine material configuration can be tailored according to the user's product requirements!
Pressure box sandblasting machine Features:
1, the design is novel, the operation is simple, saves the floor space, eliminates the environmental pollution;
2, environmental protection box design, abrasive automatic recycling, abrasive consumption is low;
3, the pressure tank part of the exhaust valve developed by the latest device to avoid the failure of similar products, the high failure rate;
4, processing efficiency high, fast, strong impact, impact point deep.
For the production of small and medium-sized parts of the rapid blasting, the dragon for its strong surface treatment of sandblasting effect and high hardness of the workpiece blasting, such as casting parts, heat treatment parts, engine parts, valves, stone, car renovation.